Brady's Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser

Dear friends and family,

This year for my Bar Mitzvah, instead of getting presents, I would appreciate it if you donated to Lighthouse. Lighthouse is an organization that helps families in Michigan who are struggling with poverty and hunger. Thank you for your consideration.

Brady Chandler

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$50.00 ks kenneth shelden
Best wishes, Brady. Have a great time & enjoy your Bar Mitzvah!
$100.00 SS Sherrie Singer
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah Brady!
$108.00 LG Linda Gordon
I see so many qualities in you which originate from your parents, grandparents and great parents. L'dor V'dor. You are living proof of the values your ancestors would want perpetuated.
$500.00 ED Ethan & Gretchen Davidson
Mazel Tov, Brady!
$36.00 RR Rachel Rudman
Mazel tov Brady and to the whole Chandler family!
$100.00 HH Hilary Harvey
Congratulations, Brady!
$50.00 LM Lisa Miller
Congrats to Brady!
$50.00 RZ Roberta Zald
Congratulations Brady on your Bar Mitzvah....and on selecting such a great organization to support with Lighthouse.
$118.00 CB Carolyn and Jim Bellinson
in honor or Brady becoming a Bar Mitzvah! Mazel tov!
$100.00 BS Beth Singer
Congratulations Brady Beth Singer and David Levitt