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Adam's First Marathon Fundraiser

Adam Gottschalk

Adam Gottschalk

Hey, friends.

Some of you may know that I've spent the last 18 weeks running through the snow (and working on beard icicles) in order to train for my first marathon. On April 24th, I will be in beautiful Toledo, Ohio attempting to run the Glass City Marathon. I've decided at the last second to put all that running to good use (aside from sculpting these beautiful calves and destroying my knees.) I am raising money for Lighthouse of Oakland County. Lighthouse provides emergency shelter, food distribution, housing assistance programs, and other critical services to residents of Oakland County. They will put your sweet, sweet cash to good use.

While donations of any size are welcome, here's the other fun part: The first 20 people to give at least $20 can add a song to my playlist which I will listen to while running this race. I'm already sure I'm going to regret this. Pick something that will motivate me, make me smile, or make me hate my life even more than I will be while running for 4+ hours - your choice! Hit the donate button and comment your song below, or shoot me a text or email with your desired tune. I promise to add it to my playlist and will try my best not to skip them.

- Please pick actual songs. No spoken word, no glitchy noise, no sound effects tracks.
- Please pick songs of standard, human-style length. No 45 minute live Phish recordings.
- I am fully prepared to listen to whatever garbage y'all throw my way but if it's just too, too terrible I will reach out to you for a second choice. The running is supposed to be harder than the listening.

That's it! Thanks for reading, thanks for donating, and thanks for coming up with what I'm sure will be the best marathon playlist in Toledo.


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