Avondale Schools, GATE, 4th Grade Project Fundraiser 

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Our class had a mock election to study government, and once the leaders were elected, they had to find a worthy cause in our community. They chose Lighthouse because they know they help kids their age. Here are some statements about why they want to help:

• We wanted to help people in need and make sure families in need have enough food, proper   shelter, and needed supplies. 
• We recognize that people who are helped by Lighthouse have greater needs than we do right now.  
• We want the children helped by Lighthouse to have wants like toys and books to enjoy as well as needed resources to survive.  
• We want to help the less fortunate who may not have family who can help- we can be their family! 
• We are thankful for all our blessings, and we want them to have a happy, fulfilled life too because everyone deserves that. 

Specific Goals:
• We are hoping to raise enough money to deliver pizza to them and help them get other much needed resources.
• We want to send art supplies, toys and games
• We want to send encouraging and fun letters to them

How can you help?
• Donate Button to donate money
• Amazon Wish List to send items
• AVONDALE GATE DROP BOXES for food or other items on November 20th from 8am-3pm
            o Food must be non-perishable (Mac n Cheese, PB, canned goods etc)
            o All items should be unopened and no cloth items or clothing please
            o Toiletries are needed

Details: Students can send thoughtful letters, poetry, or fun comics to:

Attn: Emily Wood
46156 Woodward Avenue
Pontiac, MI 48342 

Our personalized, kid inspired Amazon wish list is here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2H9X9JGOM5P7F/ref=cm_go_nav_hz

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This is to support Avondale Schools Gate 4th grade project through teacher Michelle. This gift is equally from Taal Ashmannt, Justin Kaplan and Michael Kaplan. This is to pay for the pizza party.
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Merry Christmas to the Ryckman Family!
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