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Eric Fadie

Eric Fadie

My name is Eric Fadie.  I am a podcaster as well as a local stand-up comedian and co-host of a weekly show called 2 Hippies 1 Drunk.  

I first became associated with Lighthouse back in 2017.   I was working on The Detroit Cast podcast at the time. we were interested in doing a charity drive and really liked the people at Lighthouse. As It turned out our incredible listeners stepped up and helped raise way more money then any of us anticipated.  I was honored later that year to be a part of Dancing with the Detroit Stars.  Since, I have done a few more drives and I’m very excited that this will now be my third time being involved in this amazing event.  

I decided to do dancing with the Detroit stars for two reasons.  The first is that I am very competitive and I really want to win that dancing trophy! The second is that ever since my first drive almost 5 years ago I have felt a connection to the cause as well as the the people at Lighthouse.  It really hit me how homelessness can effect anyone and how hard it can be to get out of it.  All the people I have interacted with at Lighthouse are so genuine in wanting to not just help these people but truly change their lives for good.


raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. KKKelly KovachCollicott
2. TWTara Wasik
Good luck this year Eric!! Maybe having a professional as your partner this time will help you bring home the dancing trophy!!!
3. KLKaren Logan
Excellent job with the Tel E Thon! Now bring home the dance trophy!
4. KBKaren Blake
Good job E
5. SBSherwood Breish
Good luck E! Enjoyed listening to the show
6. SSusie
Donating for Eric. Way to go! great job.